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“That’s Crazy! How did you do that?”
Brian Littrell (Backstreet Boys)

“How funny is that? That’s fucking hilarious!”
Jim Breuer (Saturday Night Live)

A premier European magician for your next corporate event?

Few things can beat having a great magician as entertainment for your important dinner or trade show. Wether you are hosting a small event for 20 people or a big gala dinner for 1000+ people, Christian will be a safe choice for your next event.

With experience from hundreds of shows every year for small companies and big multinational corporations all over Europe, Christian knows exactly how to make your event extra special.  With a total client satisfaction he has no problems giving a money back guarantee on his booking fee if his show should not stand to your expectations.

Mind reading and mentalism.

Imagine having your mind read live on stage, or maybe even more impressive, imagine your guests reading each others mind. This is just one of the things you will experience if booking Christian’s mentalism show.
His mind reading got him into the semi-finals of the 2012 Norway’s Got Talent, with the judges saying it was one of the most impressive things they have seen.

Astonishing magic

The magic show is great as dinner entertainment or for gala shows. Christian’s show is full of impossible magic and loads of humor. The show can be adapted to fit any size venue and includes a lot of audience participation on stage, but if you want the biggest illusions it requires a bigger stage.

Under water for 4 minutes

Christian once held a whole football stadium with 20.000 people completely silent for over 4 minutes doing this act, the club manager said he had never heard a stadium full of football fans that silent before.
In Norway Christian is know for regularly doing death defying stunts LIVE on national TV, The Milk Can Escape will let your audience experience this impressive stunt live on stage.

Houdini's Milk Can Escape
Blindfolded Martial Arts

Make sure your event gets the attention it deserves.

Do you need more attention to your next event, product or local business? Christian can do a custom media stunt for you, so your product gets the attention it needs. When you book a stunt you can expect getting the peoples and the medias attention. At every stunt Christian has performed it has reached the local newspapers and National TV.

Contact us today so we can help you get the attention!

The Houdini Bridge Jump

Christian recreated Houdini’s Bridge Jump as a promotion for a big Norwegian festival, over 4000 people showed up for the event. And two of Norway’s TV stations streamed it LIVE, and put it on the evening news, in addition to promoting the stunt on the News the day before.

Suspended Escape

Strait jacket

3000 people showed up and two major news channels streamed it live when Christian, hanging from burning ropes 40 meters up escaped from a straitjacket right before the ropes burned over. This stunt was done to promote the event Bakklandsdagene in Norway.

5 Minute Pool Escape

Media Stunt

Promoting a local diving shop Christian was locked up on the bottom of a pool, holding his breath for over 5 minutes. This stunt was also streamed live on the News on two of Norways biggest TV channels.